International & Corporate Law

Athanassios Pantazopoulos

Our mission

The Department of International & Corporate Law is responsible for the Master of Laws (UK LL.M) program. This program is designed to provide students with a theoretical and practical education in the essence of public international law and commercial law. After completing the LL.M program, successful students will have the factual knowledge, skills and abilities needed to work in environments such as diplomacy, international organization, government and international companies. This program places a strong emphasis on critical and analytical thinking combined with legal reasoning.

Our vision

To be an excellent provider of the LL.M program in Europe, especially in the understanding and application of public international law and commercial law.

Our broad-based student learning goals

Students will be able to:        

  • Acquire relevant awareness, knowledge-based skills and abilities in the fields of public international law and commercial law.
  • Solve complex legal issues affecting international relationships.
  • Understand and handle situations when public international law and commercial law are created and negotiated.
  • Carry out research in Public International Law and Commercial Law and apply it in everyday practice.

Our broad-based operational goals 

  • The LL.M program in International and Commercial Law offered in cooperation with the University of Greenwich (London, UK) has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of law graduates, non-law graduates and lawyers who wish to study a UK LL.M in Europe.
  • The academic and practical background of the team of instructors and the wide array of departmental law-learning resources means that we are focused on providing a higher degree of academic education. Students are provided with the detailed knowledge and skills that will enable them to pursue a further professional career.
  • The department encourages students to carry out independent reading and research before classes in order to establish interactive participation and class discussion. The LL.M program also has strategic research themes which will enable the postgraduate student to attain specialist, cutting-edge legal and business knowledge essential in the new global legal and business environment.

Our intended student learning outcomes for the LL.M in International & Commercial Law

Students will be able to:

  • Acquire a deep knowledge of commercial law and public international law
  • Engage with critical, analytical and legal thinking in international relationships.
  • Understand and handle difficult and complex legal issues arising from Public International Law and Commercial Law.
  • Carry out research in international sources of law.        
  • Take advantage of learning opportunities intended to develop problem-solving with detailed precision and decision-making initiatives.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed for a professional career in an advocacy, international organization, governmental or non-governmental sector with an ethical approach.

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