International Cooperations

UNYP is proud of its large and diverse student body, as well as its worldwide network of prestigious international partners.

A global learning community, from Bangkok to Bolton

We are continually expanding our global community and forming new partnerships with recognized international universities and colleges. This framework of cooperation covers areas such as student exchanges, study abroad agreements, double-degree agreements, faculty exchanges, joint events, and joint research. The variety and impact of our academic collaborations has been an integral element to our success, and will continue to provide students and the wider UNYP community with unique opportunities in sharing experiences around the world, strengthening the value of their education, and enhancing their learning opportunities.
UNYP also cooperates and continuously expands its partnerships with international educational agencies worldwide.

For a complete list of our international partnerships visit our Partner Universities for our degree partners or our listing of International Exchange Partnerships.

We want to work with you!

Institutions interested in cooperation opportunities with UNYP are welcome to contact Timothy Smetana, the International Development Manager of UNYP at

Exchange Students

UNYP students who are interested in a semester of exchange should contact the Center for Global Engagement: 

Study Abroad Students

Students of universities worldwide who are interested in studying at UNYP for a semester or a year as part of their degree studies elsewhere should see the information on UNYP’s Study Abroad program.

Credits earned during mobility/exchange

Credits earned by UNYP students during pre-arranged exchange (through completion of a Learning Agreement in advance of the period of mobility) are transferred to the student’s UNYP transcript upon presentation of an official transcript from the host university, following UNYP’s standard transfer credit procedure. For details on this procedure, please see UNYP Policies

For UNYP students going on exchange

All of UNYP’s current exchange partners offer extensive coursework in English, so UNYP students are well prepared for their coursework abroad. 

UNYP Bachelor’s students may also take language courses at partner universities to satisfy the language component of the General Education requirements. 

UNYP also offers language instruction in Czech, French, German, and Spanish every semester, so students with sufficient language background may explore study options in those languages. 

Language of study

All study programs at UNYP are taught in English, and sufficient English language abilities are a key requirement for admission to UNYP programs. For more information on acceptable English exam scores for the purposes of admission to degree-seeking or exchange programs, please see Admissions Requirements.

Visiting students are strongly encouraged to enroll in the introductory Czech language course that UNYP offers every semester, to help enable their successful integration into their environment. 


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