Master of Second Language Learning & Teaching



Inspire others with a master’s degree in Second Language Learning & Teaching


* This program is not being offered after 2018, as the University of Greenwich has decided to no longer include it as part of their study programs


The University of New York In Prague offers a master’s degree program in second language learning and teaching for prospective students who wish to build a career in modern languages and English as a foreign language, whether graduates with some teaching experience or practising language teachers and trainers.

Our Master's program in Second Language Learning & Teaching is offered in conjunction with the University of Greenwich. The University of Greenwich, located in south-east London, England, dates back to 1890. Highly regarded for its contributions to the scientific community, the University of Greenwich has a reputable research focus, yet has also been ranked number one in student satisfaction across all 20 universities in London four times in the last five years. 

Aims of the Second Language Learning & Teaching program:

  • To analyse theory and research in applied languages, particularly the research activities and theoretical frameworks that impinge on language learning and language teaching and testing;
  • To explore the interface between research in language learning and the practical learning environment;
  • To evaluate the role and future of information technology with a resource-based language-learning framework;
  • To develop an awareness of non-traditional (i.e. non-classroom-based) methods of language learning;
  • To provide the research skills and knowledge of research methods in language learning to enable the student to conduct their own project.

Compulsory courses:

  • Key Issues in Second Language Teaching
  • Research Methods in Language Learning
  • The Use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Second Language Learning
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Research Project (MAMLL/LL&JLT)

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