Aleš Neusar

Ph.D., Masaryk University
MA., Palacký University

Not all people fell into Prozac when they were born. Not all people know what to do, where to live or with whom. Aleš tries to help himself and others to “live” more wholeheartedly and hopefully also to flourish. His main academic and professional focus is on life satisfaction and thinking and decision making in a real world. Aleš enjoys writing, reading, music, elements (water, wind, earth), dancing, singing, playing musical instruments (e.g. mandola, melodica, and ukulele), counselling, public speaking, swimming, tennis, sauna, rock-climbing, and wilderness. More info at or FB or LinkedIn or ResearchGate. His other academic interests are diverse: e.g. impact of nature on humans, media, time management and efficiency, fast learning, academic writing, slow time, values, disability studies, psychotherapy, qualitative inquiry, survey methodology, quantitative research, autobiographical memory, research methodology, work-life balance, cognitive psychology, educational psychology, and social psychology. Aleš is fluent in Czech (native), Slovak and English; fairly good in German and Polish; and also speaks some Spanish and Dutch. Aleš is self-employed and also works at Palacký University.

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