Andrea Behalova

Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, USA

M.A., Georgia State University, USA

B.A., Mercer University, USA

University of Cambridge examinations in English language, UK

Andrea Behalova, Ph.D. has had experiences in teaching, research, administration, and leadership at universities and schools in the United States of America. With her expertise in the area of language and literacy, Andrea has had successful teaching and leadership experiences in multiple settings, including the University of Notre Dame, USA and Charles University in Prague, while utilizing her bilingual abilities in Czech and English. She worked in many areas of journalism and wrote for magazines and newspapers. She teamed effectively to prepare and supervise teachers in U.S. state schools. Andrea has also worked independently and collaboratively in teams on grant-funded research projects to aid learning and development in all learners for them to succeed academically. Andrea is a researcher who is fascinated with human mind and learning. She researches in areas of reading and literacy and applies principles of educational and cognitive psychology in research.

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