Hannah Hanover

M.A.,  Baylor University

B.A., Houghton College

TESOL Certificate, The Language House, Prague CZ

Interested in all things interdisciplinary, Ms. Hanover received her Master of Arts degree in English Literature from Baylor University in 2015, following her Bachelor of Arts degree in Writing from Houghton College in Western New York. She participated in Houghton College's First Year Honors Program: London, Houghton City Semester, and Houghton College's Balkans Semester, all of which fueled her interest in race, world literature, and theology. Throughout her Bachelor's and Master's degree Hannah focused on examining the interplay of gender, ethnicity, colonialism, and religion in modern and postmodern American literature. Her personal and academic writing often examines texts in light of their theological and gendered contexts. 


While at Baylor University Hannah instructed English Composition courses, including Thinking and Writing and Thinking, Writing, and Research. She also worked as an English Writing Tutor, and is completing her first year as an English Language Instructor for several language schools in Prague. When not teaching, Ms. Hanover writes standardized exam preparation material and contributes creatively to a local English-Czech publication in Prague. 


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