Beth Lazroe

MgA. FAMU, Czech Republic

A respected visual artist and social critic, Beth Lazroe teaches Analysis of Media Images, Visual Culture, Cinema and Society, English Composition and Foundation Grammar at UNYP.  She holds a Master’s degree from FAMU, Czech Republic and is a Doctoral candidate at the University of Turku in Finland. She has taught at Dublin City University in Ireland and is Adjunct Lecturer at FAMU in Prague – who published her textbook in Visual Communication in 1998 – and Prague Film School. A member of the National Union of Journalists of Ireland and Great Britain since 1981, she established, through the Dublin Civic Museum, the first Community Photographic Archive in Ireland for Dublin Public Libraries. Her most recent cycle of work, In Our Faces: Visual Assault in the Streets of Prague (Jako Facka: Vizualni Utok v Praskich Ulicich), together with a conference, was held at Prague City Hall and received nationwide and Internet media coverage, leading to an exhibition in the Czech Senate and two similar events organized in Wroclaw and Budapest, and is itself now an archive. She has received assistance from the Prague Diplomatic Ladies’ Association, the Irish Arts Council, Dublin Corporation, Ilford Limited, Agfa-Gevaert Limited and other private sponsors. Ms. Lazroe has published, exhibited and lectured throughout Europe and currently co-facilitates Reclaiming/Reframing, mixed media storytelling workshops for women. Her website is

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