Brian Kenety

Diploma in Journalism, NCTJ, UK (candidate)
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Brian Kenety has been reporting from Europe since 1995 and teaching journalism/writing since 2010.

Mr. Kenety got his start as a network TV news production assistant in Washington, D.C. and later worked for Japan's leading daily the Asahi Shimbun, in the newspaper's United Nations bureau in New York City. After heading overseas, he became a regional stringer for the Inter Press Service (IPS), for which he covered Bulgaria and Macedonia, as well as Kosovo (during the 1998/1999 war and refugee crisis). He was later hired on as the news agency’s European Union correspondent; during his three-year posting with IPS in Brussels, he traveled extensively, covering EU summits and other events throughout Europe and Africa. Now a Prague-based freelance journalist/editor, he is a former correspondent for the Czech Press Agency and Czech national radio (Cesky Rozhlas), and most recently served as Prague/Bratislava bureau chief for Interfax, the independent Russian news agency.

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