Carlos Davidovich

M.D. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Highly experienced in cross-cultural environments, Carlos Davidovich studied medicine in Argentina. After several years of practice, he started working in international pharmaceutical companies focused on biotechnology. He has more than 20 years of experience leading teams in Business Management, Marketing, Sales, R&D and Business Development.

He gained most of this expertise in the Latin American region, with high participation in HQ projects. In 2002 Carlos moved to Europe, living in Prague for almost two years before establishing a permanent home in Spain. At this moment he is working as an Executive Coach in Europe and the USA; supporting companies in their internal development processes; applying new concepts of NeuroLeadership and NeuroManagement. He also has a degree in clinical psychology, and a university degree in tai chi tchuan. Carlos is married and has two sons, and currently works and resides in Canada.

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