Academic and Practitioner Conference postponed for May 2015

Unfortunately we must inform you that UNYP will have to postpone its upcoming conference on Corporate Social Responsibility until next year (May 2015). We have run into some technical issues connected with the move to our new facilities at Londynska. UNYP now anticipates that the move will be fully completed by January 2015.

UNYP thanks you for your interest and assistance with our conference planning. We will contact you again with further information in September 2014. UNYP looks forward to resuming our work with your participation in the next year. Once again, we apologize for this delay.

Academic and Practitioner Conference, Prague, Czech Republic

23 May 2014

Call for Papers:

Emerging Corporate Social Responsibility in Central and Eastern Europe

Key dates

28 February 2014       Deadline for abstract submission (300 words)

24 March 2014           Authors contacted

01 April 2014              Registration open for non-presenting conference attendees

25 April 2014              Deadline for full papers (3000 words, inclusive of references)

22 May 2014               Registration closes


The University of New York in Prague, the largest and leading English language higher education institution in the Czech Republic, invites academics and practitioners to join us in exploring the issues related to corporate social responsibility in Central and Eastern Europe.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is also sometimes called corporate citizenship (CC) or sustainable business (SB), has become standard practice in many Western European countries. It has been championed as a way for both ‚business and society to prosper‘. However, CSR has less of an established heritage in post-Communist countries, and the issues of emerging CSR in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) have been under-researched.

This conference will provide a platform for discussing issues relevant to the development of CSR in the last two decades, as well as consider future trends and challenges.  The Language of the Conference is English.

Topic areas

  • Defining and practising CSR in CEE countries
  • Governments‘ roles in shaping and encouraging CSR
  • The risk management issues of CSR in CEE countries
  • Considerations of individual aspects of CSR in CEE countries (e.g. environmental, social, and employment issues)
  • Case studies of companies or industries
  • Practitioner reports (e.g. from Sustainability/CSR Managers of companies in CEE)
  • Other relevant topics will also be considered


Academic researchers and lecturers, PhD and Masters students, CSR practitioners working at companies, NGOs, or in government


23 May 2014, 9:00 to 17:00


University of New York in Prague, Londýnská 41, Prague, Czech Republic


Free of charge for all attendees, registration before the conference is required

Author guidelines

Papers will be compiled into conference proceedings, which will be widely available (unless otherwise requested).

Papers must be:

  • 3000 words, maximum – including title, footnotes and references
  • Referenced using the Harvard style of referencing (useful guide available at:

  • Single spaced, Arial font, size 11
  • In Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx)
  • Formatted to include: introduction, background concepts, research aims and methods, details of data, main findings, discussion and conclusion.
  • Tables and figures should be included in a separate document
  • Written in English and without errors

**Please note that it is possible to present at the conference without submitting a paper, especially for non-academic participants. Please contact the organizers for more details. **


Abstracts and paper submissions should be emailed to:

Dr. Emily Fenclová, Researcher, University of New York in Prague,

and Mgr. Dana Motlová,

Subject title: ‚Conference submission‘


If you wish to attend the conference, but not present, please register by emailing your name, job title and the company or institution where you work to:

Dr. Emily Fenclová, Researcher, University of New York in Prague,

and Mgr. Dana Motlová,

Subject title: ‚Conference registration‘ 

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