Říjen 19 2012
On October 16th, UNYP PULSE Lecture Series were inaugurated by Dr. Max Hilaire, Chairperson of the Department of Political Science of the Morgan State University, Baltimore (USA) with a lecture titled: "The United States After the 2012 Presidential Election: Continuity or Change?". Dr. Hilaire is widely recognized expert in the field of International Law and American Government and in his... Zobrazit více >
Říjen 17 2012
The Rector of the University of New York in Prague, Andreas Antonopoulos in the Hyde Park news talk show program of the Czech TV. Zobrazit více >
Říjen 01 2012
UNYP professor Jaroslav Šesták (instructor of Scientific World) has been invited to speak at the prestigious annual lecture of the Czech Academy of Science honoring Professor Eduard Hala (a foremost Czech thermo dynamist).   Zobrazit více >
Září 28 2012
The two schools recently signed a reciprocal agreement to become formal educational partners. Zobrazit více >
Červen 26 2012
On 23 June 2012, the Graduation Ceremony for students at UNYP took place in the magnificent, Žofín Palace in Prague.  Zobrazit více >


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