Dr. Julie Shaw

Ed.D. Harvard University Graduate, School of Education, Cambridge, MA, USA
C.A.D. Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA, USA
M.S. State University of New York, Binghamton, NY, USA
M.S. University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS, USA

Julie Shaw, a developmental psychologist, cares about how meaning is constructed – by persons across their lifespans, within and between social groups, and within and across cultures over time.

Because stories are a medium through which meaning at all levels and through all ages is conveyed, she focused on narrative symbols in her research at Harvard as the vehicle for understanding lifespan construction of meaning. This deep interest in meaning, and particularly narrative meaning, arose from her experience as a teacher/learner with adult learners, elementary students, and the aged; it was given a technical foundation during her seventeen years as a software developer at IBM; it was enriched by her M.S. in Systems Science at SUNY-Binghamton; and it has been developed in educational settings through her current role as Associate Professor of Human Development at SUNY-Empire State College. She is a frequent speaker on the neurological bases of wisdom, as well as on identity development and aging.  Dr Shaw will be a Visiting
Scholar in the psychology department at UNYP in the summer 2014 term teaching the course Narratives and the Construction of Meaning.

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