Edel Sanders

Dean of School of Psychology at UNYP

Fueled by her fascination with music, problem solving and the developing mind, Sanders earned a bachelor’s degree (graduating summa cum laude) and two master’s degrees (MA, EdM) from Columbia University all while performing, composing and teaching music, in addition to mathematics in New York. Following research at Columbia University's Arts Education Research Center, which documented the impact of music education on inner city children's academic performance, Sanders joined the INSTRUCT (Implementing New Student and Teaching Resources Using Cognitive Theory) research group at the University of Cambridge while pursuing a PhD in Education and Psychology. After moving to Prague, Edel became Dean and Lecturer of Psychology at the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) in 2014. Here, she continues to research cognition and learning in areas such as music, mathematics and altruistic behavior. Future research interests are founded upon theories of brain plasticity and involve the exploration of how to teach kindness in addition to alternative educational methods to aid learning and development in pupils with cognitive and behavioral challenges as well as therapeutic applications of music for all ages. Edel also sings opera as well as bits and splashes of jazz and musical comedy for charities and special events.

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