Elena Soler

Ph.D. University of Barcelona, Spain (excellent Cum Laude)
M.A. University of Barcelona, Spain 
B.A. University of Barcelona, Spain 

Since 2009 , Dr. Soler has been  a faculty member  at Charles University in Prague.  Since 2015, she also has been lecturing  Anthropology and Sociology courses for the School of Communication & Media at UNYP. Her current research interest focuses  on  the relations and the dynamics of long term silences and  nation building in Central and Eastern Europe. Other research interests are focused on kinship -with an emphasis on milk kinship- and family studies; minorities and borders; transnationalism and globalization; rise and fall of totalitarianism in Europe. Some of her work has been published under the titles: Lactancia y parentesco. Una mirada antropológica. Barcelona: Anthropos (2011); Transiciones culturales. Perspectivas desde Europa Central y del Este. Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (2016).

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