“A great experience” – UNYP’s first Study Abroad students visit Prague

International exchange programs have long been popular with students wishing to immerse themselves in a new culture while still working towards their degree. Study Abroad offers students a chance to experience a new culture, without compromising their education. Participants have the option to spend a summer, a semester, or even an entire year at our university, earning academic credits towards their degree at their home universities in the process.

This June, UNYP hosted our first two Study Abroad students, Tatiana Amaeva and Mardia Pierre, who joined us for a summer semester. Tatiana, from Miami’s Dade College, studied Introduction to Painting and described it as a great experience. “It gave me the chance to travel the world and meet so many new people.” Mardia joined us from the Bunker Hill Community College in Boston and spent her time studying Music & the Mind. ‘I feel like I had a lot of learning here and grew as a person as well’ she said about her time.

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience, and a chance to make some lifelong friends along the way. UNYP offers a diverse cross section of courses to interested students, in the fields of Business, Communication & Mass Media, International Economic Relations, Psychology and General Studies.

The UNYP Study Abroad program is growing, this fall UNYP will welcome nine more Study Abroad students to Prague! The program is all inclusive, including tuition & fees, housing, orientation into Prague, local transportation and more, for more information visit our website or email our admissions team today admissions@unyp.cz.


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