Hilary Kloss (previously Cahalane)

D. Clin. Psych, University of Liverpool, UK
M. Crim. (Master of Criminology), University of Sydney, Australia
BA Psychology (FirstClass), Trinity College, Ireland

Dr. Kloss is a chartered and registered clinical psychologist. She obtained her doctorate from the University of Liverpool in 2011. She has her own private practice in Prague, is a consultant psychologist at Canadian Medical, and provides specialist cognitive assessment services to international schools around Prague. She currently teaches Introduction to Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy, Theory of Psychological Assessment, and Special Psychopathology on the MPS program, as well as offering Forensic Psychology and Introduction to Schema Therapy as optional electives. She is also involved in examining and supervision duties. 

She trained as a clinical psychologist in the UK and was working as a Senior Clinical Psychologist in the National Health Service before moving to the Czech Republic in 2013. Her clinical interests and prior experience are in the assessment and treatment of complex mental health problems and offending behavior. She has a particular interest in personality disorders and is a certified Schema Therapist. Her research interests are in forensic psychology and she has published and presented research internationally in the area of sexual offending.

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