Humberto Aguilera

Ph.D., Masaryk University, Czech Republic
M.A.,  Ibero-American University, Mexico

Humberto Aguilera was born in Guatemala. After spending 18 years there, he moved to Mexico to earn his Master’s degree in Psychology at Ibero-American University in Puebla. 

Humberto conducted research in the area of community psychology in Tlaxcalancingo, Puebla, and he also carried out community projects working for Calpulli de los Niños NGO. Humberto has clinical experience with children, adolescents, adults and geriatric patients. Afterwards, he moved to the Czech Republic to earn his Ph.D. degree in Social Psychology at Masaryk University, where he conducted cross-cultural research. He has worked for Spolek Simon Bolivar NGO, and he conducted research with the Latino community.His research interests fall in the areas of ethnopsychology, cross-cultural psychology, violence and social
representations.  He is currently doing postdoctoral research on cross-cultural topics.

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