Kryštof Kruliš

Ph.D. Charles University, Czech Republic
M.A. Charles University, Czech Republic
M.A. Metropolitan University, Czech Republic

Kryštof Kruliš received his Ph.D. in the European Law at the Law School of the Charles University in Prague in 2017, where he graduated summa cum laude his master degree in Law and legal science. He studied in Sweden at Jönköping International Business School under the Socrates-Erasmus programme. He graduated with distinction his second master programme in Anglophone studies at the Metropolitan University Prague, where he has started to give lectures.

Kryštof is a Research Fellow of AMO Research Center, his research focuses on the internal market of the EU, EU law and relations between the EU and Anglophone countries. In 2016 he founded registered institute Spotřebitelské fórum and become a chairman of its board.

Kryštof worked as an associate in a Prague branch of a leading international law firm where he provided legal advisory within the areas of the Czech law and law of the EU to eminent Czech and foreign clients from both private and public sectors. In his private legal practice he has focused on the EU law and international public law issues.

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