Luc De Ceuster

M.Sc. Belgian Military Academy, Belgium

He obtained the Masters Certificate in Project Management in 2001 from the AT&T School of Business and Technology. After his graduation in 1982, he served in the Belgian Corps of Engineers for about 8 years. In 1989 he left the military and accepted the position of professor at the Belgian Aviation School where he has been training Civil Airline pilots for 7 years. In 1996 he left the aviation to return back to civil engineering to become Director of a new environmental division in one of Belgium’s leading concrete factories. In 1999 he became Project Executive and Senior Project Manager in IBM and later in AT&T which he left in May 2006. Since 2008 he is CEO of the company APraCom. He is currently authoring a book on project management, risk management and earned value management. He is also a co-founder of Society Quality Medicine Group, a non-profit organization with the goal of using scientific knowledge to serve society.

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