Milena Ferenčíková

Ms. Ferenčíková has spent the last six years at UNYP as a working student in the HR field. Ms. Ferenčíková earned her two bachelor's degrees in psychology in January 2019, and her Mgr. from UNYP in June 2021. While being enrolled in the Master's Program, she had served as a Research Assistant for the School of Psychology. After more than two years of experience with Research Methods and Statistics Tutoring, she has joined the School of Psychology as a Statistics Lecturer. Her Master's Thesis explored the psychometric quality of a standardized questionnaire of emotional intelligence in English and Slovak speakers. In addition to her research interests, Ms. Ferenčíková is in her second year of accredited systemic psychotherapeutic training as well as shortly before completion of a complex crisis intervention course. Ms. Ferenčíková has joined UNYP as a highly self-motivated person and strives to deliver the best possible experience to all students.

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