Natalia Khozyainova

Student of Communication & Mass Media

Natalia Khozyainova comes from the small town of Ukhta, situated in the north of Russia. Living far away from all big Russian cities, her parents developed a strong goal to travel and visit as many countries as possible, so from the young age Natalia has had a chance to experience different cultures and develop her own view of the world. Currently Natalia is studying Communication & Mass Media at the University of New York in Prague. During her studies, she has developed a critical eye towards media, as a result she shaped her future goals which are to examine various cultures and contribute to the breaking of societal stereotypes and conventions. The experience of being an exchange student in the USA and the Netherlands also gave her insights into different educational systems and allowed her to draw experience from the dynamic comparisons. Natalia believes that changing the whole world is impossible, but bringing a positive change into one community can change the world of a whole somebody, and for this objective its worth living.

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