Natasha Sutta

Postgraduate diploma, University College in Cardiff, UK
B.A., Durham University, UK
BFA, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Natasha Sutta is a native Czech and English speaker, and is fluent in Russian and Chinese. She earned a Postgraduate Diploma from University College in Cardiff, UK, a B.A. from Durham University UK, and a BFA from NTNU Taiwan, ROC after two years of intensive Mandarin language study at the Mandarin Training Centre in Taiwan R.O.C. NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University) is a pedagogical university, with subjects such as Principles of Instruction and Educational Psychology. Compulsory classes included Chinese history, Chinese philosophy, as well as Written and Oral Mandarin, and Chinese literature. Natasha is a professional artist, and has held several international Solo exhibitions of paintings. Attendees included government and cultural representatives from different countries. She has been teaching at UNYP since September 2000. Her courses include Understanding China, Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy, Introduction to Drawing and Design and Introduction to Painting.

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