10 Tips for making a Vlog like a Pro

It isn't all lectures and midterms here at the University of New York in Prague!  You will meet students like you – students who want to continue a shared passion or discover a new one. UNYP Student Clubs are some of the most interesting, rewarding, and fun micro-communities you’ll ever be part of.   

Today we want to bring your attention to UNYP TV, a club that creates multimedia content covering different university events and other exciting topics. Anastasia Peleshenko (Communication & Mass Media student and UNYP TV Club President) states that "UNYP TV is all about having fun collaborating with the cool team on different video projects, being creative and crazy together.  Anyone can join, especially students interested in video-making and editing, script-writing, acting; graphic design, photography and social media."  


Useful tips for making a professional VLOG from UNYP TV Club


1. You don’t need expensive equipment 

Start with your mobile phone camera! Even prominent Hollywood directors, like Steven Soderbergh, sometimes make movies with iPhones, and hundreds of successful indie films and documentaries are made that way.   

2. Pay attention to details 

Make sure that every frame of your video is free from unwanted stuff, especially if you are shooting at home. Take a minute before you begin to do a little set dressing, and rearrange the scenery to help improve the overall shot.  

3. Never shoot a vertical video 

You might think it’s funny, but so many YouTubers still make that mistake!  

4. Use a tripod  

Luckily, you can find all kinds of tripods for mobile devices nowadays, from a fancy Manfrotto Mini Tripod to a handy compact Joby Gorillapod.   

5. Think about lighting 

If you don't want to accumulate equipment for your hobby such as LED lights and stands, shoot outdoors. Get creative and shoot during the Blue Hour and the Golden Hour, as the natural quality of light at these times of the day just can’t be beaten.  

6. Be confident 

A great story and good editing can only take you so far. As a vlogger, you must be comfortable talking to the camera, and that only comes with practice. Just imagine how it will help you during your oral exams!  

7. Speak, don’t write 

Know your content, but don't try to memorize the text you wrote. The audience prefers to watch vloggers who present naturally.    

8. Record only what you need  

Don’t let the camera roll continuously. Do a few takes in a row, and then stop the clip. You will appreciate this advice when you start editing.  

9. Keep it simple 

Sometimes it’s best to make your video as simple as possible. Avoid cheesy transitions and effects – the simplicity of your video will help the audience concentrate on your message.   

10. Join UNYP TV Club  

If you haven't done so already, check out their Youtube channel. One of their favorite videos went viral among UNYP students, and allowed them to get to know a few secrets about their professors: “UNYP Professors play Never Have I Ever.” 


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