3 Oases of Peace Around Prague

You just so happen to study abroad in Prague and during the summer holidays you find yourself with time to explore the exquisite surroundings of the Czech capital. So where should your feet lead you? How about swapping the rush of the city for some unique natural wonders!

You can trust our recommendations - the magical landscapes and landmarks of our country have already featured in such blockbusters as Tristan & Isolde, the Chronicles of Narnia and the Brothers Grimm! 


Kamenice is one of the most mysterious and enchanting rivers in the Czech Republic. It’s a definite must-see: A small mountain river flowing through the national park Bohemian Switzerland among the rocky shores and canyons forming small waterfalls. Kamenice has become a favorite destination for nature lovers. Here time seems to stand still as you experience the natural wonders through all senses: walking through lush forests, deep canyons, picturesque valleys or along majestic cliffs, listening to the gentle flow of romantic mountain rivers or simply breathing in the pure, fresh air.

Moreover, hiking is not your only option. How about enjoying all the beauty from on top of a horse? Pick your four-legged friend at the old barn and enjoy a lazy amble along the river! 

TIP: Kamenice is perfect for a day trip. However, should you feel like staying overnight, you can enjoy a 15% discount on accommodation with the UNYP Benefit Program. 


Hruboskalsko is a famous formation of monumental rock mountains reaching a height of 55 meters which resemble towers due to their pointy shape. It is a famous destination not only for climbers but also for lovers of exceptional panoramic views. It is located in the territory of Bohemian Paradise. The walking trail that takes you through the most interesting sights is just 7.5 km long. And all just one hour away from Prague! 

TIP: Trying to find the best place to snap a 360-photo for Facebook? Look no further than Hruboskalsko! We’re sure this will impress the heck out of your US friends, definitely more so than any typical beach holiday snaps!  


The reservoir Slapy is the perfect choice for water lovers. Reaching the lake from Prague takes less than two hours. The lake reservoir provides camping facilities, accommodation in wooden houses, space for grilling and campfires, boat rental, a beach – all you could ask for in order to enjoy your UNYP getaway. On top of all this, the camp’s great location allows you the opportunity to travel to historic castles in the vicinity such as Karlštejn, Orlík, Konopiště and Dobříš.

TIP: Cut your costs. Take four more friends and together rent a car with a 10% discount on your UNYP Benefit Card!

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