5 Awesome Exhibitions To See In Prague This November

Every fall Prague welcomes a new flourish of creative activity. The November evenings are longer and the days are chillier, but that’s no reason to hole up at home. Here's our pick of the five must-see art exhibitions taking place in Prague this month. Expect to be enlightened and inspired!

We’ve rounded up all the current art exhibitions from Prague's major galleries and brilliant museums.


1. Celts

Where: Národní muzeum

When: November 2018

The "Celts" exhibition shows the spiritual and everyday life of the Celtic tribes and provides an impression about the fast-changing world of Central Europe's Iron Age. The National Museum owns one of the most significant archaeological collections in Europe, and this exhibition includes richly painted ceramics, bronze jewelry, weapons, coins, and the Celtic eagle head from Mšecké Žehrovice, one of the most famous and precious pieces in the collection. 


2. Petr Písařík: SPACE MAKER

Where: Galerie Rudolfinum

When: Until November 25th, 2018 

This show represents a wide selection of works by one of the most sophisticated Czech contemporary artists. The exhibition was curated in a non-linear narrative, with each individual room of the gallery expressing the author's perception of the inner and outer worlds. Petr Písařík’s work could be viewed as a transition from eighties postmodernism to mid-nineties sensitivity.


3. Karel Cudlín: SIGHT/EFFECT


When: Until November 25th, 2018

Karel Cudlín is a Czech documentary photographer with a worldwide reputation. SIGHT/EFFECT is a collection of Cudlín's landscape and street photography shot over many years during his visits to Israel. His pictures are characterized by an unmistakable sense of humor, which sometimes balances at the edge of absurdity. 


4. Jan Preisler: Newly Discovered Paintings

Where: Trade Fair Palace

When: All November 

Dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of Jan Preisler's death, this exhibition presents a mix of well-known and newly recovered paintings. Jan Preisler was a key figure of Central European Modernism, and of all Czech artists from that period, he was perhaps the only one who drew his inspiration from the works of the Pre-Raphaelites. While his paintings are full of inner tension, they do not contain aggressive symbolism, which only makes their rawness more intense. 


5. Dita Pepe: Love in Progress 

Where: Polagraph Gallery

When: Until November 23rd, 2018

The Czech conceptual photographer Dita Pepe presents a series of Polaroid shots, created specifically for the Polagraph gallery.  "Love in Progress" is a very personal photographic project, inspired by the controversial "Prolonged Parent-Child Embrace" method, designed by a New York psychologist Martha Welch, in the 1970s. 

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