The 5 best stylish cafés for students in Prague

Studying in Prague affords a great many opportunities, one such is the opportunity to study with your friends in some of the most stylish cafés in Europe. Cultural, friendly and cheap; discover in this article the best cafés for students.

1. Cafedu

Founded by a Czech student who imported the concept of a study hall cafe from England, at Cafedu students have at their disposal free Wi-Fi and photocopying. Moreover the café is open 24 hours a day and is located right behind the National Museum of Wenceslav Square.
Address: CafeduŠkrétova 490/12, Praha 2

2. Café in Seventh Heaven

This homely café is named “Kavárna v sedmém nebi” in Czech and its popularity stems from its location and atmosphere. A special room caters for non-smokers and it is the perfect place to shelter from the harsh winter weather. The only drawback is that they are unable to take reservations.
Address: Kavárna v sedmém nebi, Zborovská 68, Praha 5  

3. AnonymouS Coffee

Despite being located in the busy Jugoslávská street near IP Pavlova metro station, it exudes an atmosphere of calm and is one of the best places for studying in Prague. Intriguing artwork adorns the walls and its interior design is without doubt one of the most stimulating the city has to offer.
Address: AnonymouS Coffee, Jugoslávská 15, Praha 2

4. Parallel Polis

This café, “Paralelní Polis” in Czech, is famous for being the first place in Prague where you can pay only with bitcoins. Yes, you read that correctly. Ordering a drink requires you to exchange money in the local bitcoin ATM. Most definitely an original idea but don't let that be the only reason to visit. Above all else, this café is a friendly and relaxing environment for studying.
Address: Paralelní polis, Dělnická 475/43, Praha 7  

4. Coffee Break & Cake

This is one of the most popular options for students in Žižkov due in part to its excellent cappuccino, its high quality and cheap prices, Break & Cake is becoming ever more popular in Prague, so much so in fact that they have recently opened a second café near Albertov.
Addresses: Coffee Break & Cake; Žižkov: Husinecká 2, Praha 3; Albertov: Na Slupi 9, Praha 2

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