5 physical activities to keep yourself fit in Prague

In order to live a healthy lifestyle, it is important to do physical exercise on a regular basis. A healthy body will help you concentrate on your studies and live your best student life. Of course, we could suggest that you go to the gym – but we feel that this is too obvious and boring! Here are some of the most exciting disciplines to pick up while you are studying at UNYP.  


Explore unique sporting activities and get in shape while studying abroad in Prague 



This sport is very popular with Czechs. Squash is an intensive and dynamic sport with racket and rubber ball, played one-on-one, standing next to each other and bouncing the ball against the wall. As elementary as it sounds, squash requires excellent physical condition, and you burn a lot of calories while playing.  



Another very popular sport in the Czech Republic, floorball is similar to hockey, although it is contactless and played on a floor rather than on ice. Floorball is played in teams of five with a hollow plastic ball and floorball sticks, and the objective is to win by scoring more goals. In Prague you can find both amateur and professional leagues, and UNYP is an official sponsor of top Prague floorball team Acema Sparta Praha



This fun and physically demanding sport is very enjoyable with a group of friends. Badminton is played with racket and shuttlecock by two or four people, and has similar rules to tennis. There are many badminton halls to choose from in Prague.  



Although yoga is perceived as easy and relaxing, this is not completely true. There is a reason why professional athletes add yoga to their schedule. There are many types of yoga, and most of them are physically demanding. However, it is true that a huge aspect of yoga is mind relaxation and mental positivity, so this could be a good choice to include into your busy routine.  



No, we are not joking – Quidditch is a real sport, even in the “muggle” world! This new sport is obviously derived from the Harry Potter books, but it is modified for the real world, and has surprising similarities with rugby. There are even official Czech and International Quidditch associations, so if you want to try something different, this might be the sport for you. 


Although we wanted to give you some more unusual options as an alternative to popular choices such as football and tennis, it is very easy to get involved with all types of sporting activities in Prague. Each activity has its own deep communities, providing great opportunities for you to meet new people outside of school. Of course, UNYP offers free gym membership, its own football team UNYP Blazers and free swimming pool passes, so you can meet people from UNYP outside your courses while staying healthy.   


If your life is all about sports, you can even take it a step further and join the Sport Management concentration at UNYP to open up opportunities in the sports management professions. This focus is popular amongst professional athletes who plan to stay in the field after their active career as an athlete has come to an end. 

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