5 reasons to choose UNYP over a public university

Deciding where to go to college can be a tough decision – and it may actually be one of the toughest decisions in your life. We know that investing in your college degree means investing in your future. That’s why our priority is to create the best environment for our students. Here are the top 5 reasons why you’ll want to be one of them and choose UNYP as your future university.

1) Graduate with TWO degrees

Why be satisfied with only one degree when you can graduate with two? That’s something you won’t get anywhere else and it can open up doors you probably have never dreamed of. UNYP students that study the American bachelor’s program have the opportunity to take the Czech state exam when completing the program. Successful candidates are then rewarded with a double degrees consisting of an American degree from the State University of New York, Empire State College and a European bachelor's degree (bakalář, Bc.) awarded by UNYP and accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education.

2) Smaller classes and approachable teachers

Compared to public schools, private universities are usually smaller. We mean like a lot smaller, a huge benefit for students seeking a more personal approach. For example, UNYP´s classes are no bigger than 30 students. That way you have an easy access to the professors and it helps you to better understand the discussed topics. Our university also has hi-tech classrooms and several computer labs that facilitate expanding your knowledge. With a smaller number of students come bigger opportunities!

3) International & inclusive atmosphere

Studying in a foreign country has many benefits. It will look good on your future CV, you learn a new language, you can gain independence through learning to be self-reliant and perhaps most importantly, it teaches you to adapt to new situations. Our students come from over 60 countries from all over the world. This creates a unique multi-cultural background, where you can meet a diverse group of people and make lifelong friends from across the globe. This environment will also teach you to have a global mind-set, which can be an amazing advantage.

4) Theory meets practice

Public universities tend to focus hard on the theory with almost no real practice. That’s not the case at UNYP. Not only do our students undertake various internships during their studies, but also the lecturers themselves come from very successful companies and are delighted to share their insights and knowledge from the business world.  Our students have participated in start-up competitionsCFA Research ChallengeUnilever Future Leaders LeagueL’Oreal Brandstorm Challenge and much more.  

5) Get your dream job straight after graduation

The employment rate of our students after graduation is estimated at 99% as most of our students are taken on a full time job when they complete their internship or been offered jobs directly after winning or taking part in various real-world student challenges!  We also have many success stories thanks to our Career Office, which brings many international and local companies to the campus every year to meet our students at our Career Fair.
UNYP gives you a great opportunity to study and learn differently. Make sure that the college you choose will offer the best options for you. Sign up for one of our Bachelor´s programs at UNYP today!

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