5 Reasons to do an internship while studying at UNYP

Even if you have a clear vision about your future employment after finishing your bachelor’s degree, it could still be a good idea to do an internship while you are studying at UNYP. While Prague remains a comfortable place for recent graduates, competition in the workplace is gradually growing, so you need to have extra experience to accompany the diploma on your resume. 

An internship is never an easy task, especially when you decide to go for it during the semester. However, it can open new perspectives and play a significant role in your career. Unfortunately, a lot of students in both private and public universities have a passive attitude when it comes to their education — tending to overlook the importance of work experience, and not taking advantage of opportunities for volunteering on campus. 

Get first-hand exposure to working in the real world: plan your internship while studying in Prague

Taking a look at the industry of your interest from the inside can help you imagine what would it be like to work in it full-time, as the dynamic between interns and employers is very different from what you might be used to at university. Getting work experience early in your degree can positively affect your academic performance, and you will have a chance to get valuable insight into your field of study. Still not convinced? 

Here are a few more reasons why an internship is an investment in your future:

Gaining self-confidence

During your training, you will have to communicate with professionals of different ages and levels. An internship is a great way to polish your soft skills and give you the confidence to take on more significant challenges in the future. For example, you will be less nervous when interviewing for an actual job. 

Grades vs. work ethic

Scoring high on your tests at uni does not guarantee that you will be a great employee, but an internship can be a great time to develop a strong work ethic. You will understand and develop the will to work hard, while maintaining a positive attitude, without dwelling on the challenges that inevitably come up in any job. You will also have the opportunity to test and improve your adaptability, learning to adjust to the personalities and work habits of the team. 

Exposure to new and diverse situations

Your internship will encourage personal development, and provide you with a greater understanding of yourself. For example, imagine that you are enrolled in a psychology or marketing program, and you manage to get a summer internship in a field related to your studies. That internship will give you a chance to decide whether you wish to continue with your current career path, or try a different industry. 

Creation of your professional identity

The start of your internship is a perfect time to register your LinkedIn profile (if you haven’t already) and start building your network. Your LinkedIn profile will help you to develop a well-thought-out professional narrative to market yourself to future employers, establishing a picture of you that potential employers take away from your resume and interviews. While a CV presents a straightforward portrayal of your educational background and experiences, a short bio or a LinkedIn introduction can place different emphasis on your strengths, skills, and interests. Your internships can become a foundation of your professional narrative. With time, you will replace your internship narratives with your professional achievements in real jobs. 

A step towards finding your first job

When employers have to choose between two candidates for an entry-level position, they will most likely go for the candidate with more experience. The internship experience shows potential employers that you are committed to a career in the industry of your interest. 

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