5 reasons to embrace minimalism while studying abroad

While minimalism started as a reaction to our consumption-based society, the minimalist lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. The key to minimalism is your mindset. To be a minimalist, you must learn to become comfortable with simplicity and separate “want” from “need” in your life. It’s not about forcing yourself to own fewer things, but more about finding the satisfaction in owning less. 

Studying abroad at the University of New York in Prague could be an excellent time for you to try out the minimalist lifestyle.

This mindset is useful in multiple life scenarios: when you travel, relocate to another city for work or school, move from house to an apartment and vice versa. Embracing minimalism can help you save money – making a conscious decision to buy fewer physical things may help you eliminate a source of financial anxiety. Curious to try it out? A semester abroad can help you gradually work on seeking simplicity, and here is why: 

1. Studying abroad for the first time comes with some challenges. It is like testing yourself, to see whether you can make it on your own, far away from home. Since you are already in a new environment, and most of your personal belongings have been left at home, why not try acquiring a new mindset, instead of new stuff? 

2. You will be living in Prague on a student budget, and the money you save by not buying new things can be spent on traveling across Europe while you are here. Can you really think of anything you could possibly buy here that you cannot get in your own country? And what is more important to you, stuff or experiences? 

3. If you were a minimalist before deciding to study abroad then you probably went on this adventure with just one suitcase. If this is not the case, you still have a chance to minimize your belongings before coming back home. Donate things that you don't use or are planning to replace; it’s better for the environment, and you may be able to help someone in need. However, before donating anything, please determine whether it is still useful. 

4. During your semester in Prague, you most likely will go on a few small trips to the nearest cities or countries. Think of this as of a perfect exercise for minimalist packing. Whether it's a weekend or a whole week, think about how you can optimize your wardrobe, by bringing only clothes that mix and match. Do you really need a suitcase, or is a backpack enough? With less baggage, you’re able to move more freely and visit more locations at once. 

5. Your student apartment in Prague won't be as big as your place back home, which is excellent, because here you can learn how to appreciate space and question which of your possessions you truly need. The less stuff you buy, the more space you will have left for yourself. Simple as that! 

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