5 reasons to join the UNYP Blazers

You can’t dispute that regular physical activity helps contribute to healthier lives – but did you know that there are a lot of other benefits to participating in university sports? The University of New York in Prague is home to the UNYP Blazers. We represent our university by participating in sporting activities, primarily Football and Floorball.  

At UNYP, we believe that sports are good for the mind, body and spirit!

Team sports help students acquire accountability, dedication, leadership, and other useful skills. UNYP athletes rise to the challenge with every match and every practice, picking themselves up when they’ve been knocked down. Team sports teach us more about ourselves than anything else can. People who play competitive sports at university tend to be more confident in other areas of their lives – including their careers! Sporting achievements can give you a competitive edge in the business world and make you more marketable in the workforce. We’ve set out five advantages of playing sports at the college level – so what are you waiting for?

New friends

As a Blazer, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with more UNYP students, and make friends with people from different programs and specializations. Team sports allow you to effortlessly find a group of likeminded people who enjoy the same activities. Joining the Blazers can give you the close family feeling which many students seek out, especially when studying abroad, far away from home. 

Get in shape

Playing for your university football or floorball teams provides you with a regular physical exercise. If you enjoy working out but find the gym too dull, playing sport is a perfect way to stay in shape. You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even notice you’re exercising. It can be hard for many students to maintain their workout schedule during the exam season – but committing yourself to your team will force you to stay active all academic year.  

A time management masterclass

Signing up for the Blazers will force you to plan time each week for your football or floorball games and training sessions, and this could potentially make you a time management guru. It is not easy to combine a full-time university program with additional commitments, so the Blazers are forced to maximize their efficient use of time in order to achieve academic and athletic success. 

Stress relief

It is a fact that physical exercise is a powerful tool for handling stress and anxiety. Sport can help take your mind off your packed schedule, boost your appetite, and improve your sleep habits. 

Increased employability

When you play for the Blazers, you’ll pick up plenty of soft skills, such as communication, assertiveness, flexibility, patience, positive attitude, and confidence. Finally, it will boost your resume if you can demonstrate that you represented your university on a sports team while maintaining high academic performance! 

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