5 Reasons Why Going to a Private University is Worth It

While there is no doubt that higher education has become almost essential in the developed world in order to compete for a successful career, there is an ongoing debate on which type of university is better: private or public. Different institutions offer entirely different experiences, and with a vast range of schools and degrees available in the Czech Republic, it can be difficult to know where to study, recognize the benefits and choose the path that’s best for you.

According to uniRank’s 2018 research, UNYP is ranked in one of the top positions among all universities in the entire Czech Republic, both public and private. This ranking is due to our commitment to providing the highest quality education and giving our students the personal attention and support that allows them to discover their potential. Let us explain some of the benefits of a private university! 

One of the most important decisions you will make in your life is whether to study at a private or a public university.



Private universities generally offer a combination of practical and hands-on assignments, whereas public university courses lean more theoretical. UNYP's students will graduate fully prepared for the workforce and have a competitive edge over other students looking for a job in the same sphere. 



Your professors will know their stuff! Classes are always taught by professors, whereas graduate students often can lead the class at public universities. UNYP’s lecturers are well-connected professionals, who become mentors and take a genuine interest in their students’ progress and future. 



If you're interested in meeting students from outside your home country, pursuing a degree at private universities may be the way to go. UNYP attracts a wide variety of students from around the Czech Republic and all over the world. You'll get exposure to a diverse range of people, who may one day become valuable professional connections.  



Usually, public universities have significantly larger student populations, which means that class sizes will be bigger and personal attention will be limited. With smaller classes, you'll have a greater chance to contribute to the conversation. You'll have a real dialogue with professors and other students, during and after class.



The sense of community is a lot stronger at private colleges. Students have a sense that they are accepted and important, while at some public colleges it can feel that they are merely there to make up the numbers. UNYP’s freshers have great opportunities to quickly make new friends, become get familiar with the campus and settle in amongst their peers.

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