5 reasons why you need a master’s degree in 2020

While a master’s degree is a serious investment, there are many benefits to pursuing one, including  the potential to facilitate career changes, increase your earning potential, and gain useful industry contacts and connections. Master’s degrees in spheres such as International Management, Communications, and Psychology are highly-regarded by employers. A graduate degree is essential for professional roles such as a clinical psychologist, financial analyst, global marketing manager, and creative director, and for many other career paths, it could be highly beneficial. However, postgraduate studies are intense and require the student to make a significant commitment of time and money, so it is vital to have a solid reason for joining a graduate program. Here are five that you should consider. 

Why pursue a master’s degree at the University of New York in Prague?

1. Learn new disciplines

The job market has changed dramatically over the last twenty years due to technological and social progress. If you graduated ten to fifteen years ago, there are disciplines that you have never studied – because back then, they didn’t exist! New work areas are appearing every year, and the priorities of employers have changed, as has the labor market itself. Going back to school to obtain a master’s degree can help you to stay in line with the needs of the market. Today's professionals should know the laws and principles which shape the development of the digital world, use digital tools at the expert level, and understand the capabilities, limitations and vulnerabilities of technology. This is why UNYP has been offering courses on Global Digital Media and Management in the Digital Age for several years, as well as practically-oriented projects. 

2. Adjust your area of expertise

In countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it is common for fresh high school graduates to immediately go to university and study for a bachelor’s degree. However, at that age, most young people don’t know with any certainty what they want to do for a living. Additionally, you may not be clear on the realities of your ideal profession. Some students recognize early on in their bachelor’s degrees that they would like to switch specializations, but the majority of people only start thinking about changing career paths after a few years of work experience in a field that they chose as teenagers. Graduate studies can be the solution to this problem, allowing you to gain more profound knowledge in an area that you are sure about pursuing, while combining study with work. UNYP master’s degree modules run in an intensive weekend format: Fridays from 17:00 to 21:00, and Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 18:00. You can learn whilesimultaneously growing within your company, establishing new contacts in a professional environment that will not let you get lost in the labor market, even when you decide to find a new job. 

3. Climb the career ladder

In professions such as medicine, finance, top-level management, and politics, a diploma is fundamentally important – a candidate’s formal education should correspond to their position. Large international companies rank applicants even before their interviews, and a candidate with work experience and a master’s degree in a related specialization may seem like a more interesting candidate than a fresh bachelor. The UNYP master’s programs will provide you with opportunities to join Prague’s professional community. You will be able to participate in professional student competitions and forums, present your research at conferences, become our next TEDxUNYP speaker, and record your very own TED Talk –  extra activities that will look great in your resume. UNYP provides you a chance to expand your portfolio beyond your graduate diploma.

4. Study differently 

Your graduate experience will be very different from your memories of carefree undergrad years. People join master’s programs with a much more focused mindset. You will be able to identify the gaps in your professional knowledge and outline a tailored individual training path, develop a business project as a diploma instead of a classic dissertation, and graduate as a mature specialist. You can join our master’s programs to fill in the gaps and acquire relevant skills. Many of our students are lifelong learners who continually develop and learn new skills, including interdisciplinary competences, which keep them in demand on the ever-changing labor market.

5. Shake up your life with new experiences at an international institution

Not everyone had the luxury of studying at a prestigious American university for their undergraduate degree, or of moving to a great city such as Prague for their education. Graduate studies can be a second chance to do these things, especially since changing university is welcomed in academic circles. You can choose a higher-status educational institution, and get a completely new experience in a new place. Receiving your master’s degree in English will allow you to build an international career after graduation, and becoming a graduate student at the University of New York in Prague is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a melting pot of cultures and become part of a global professional community. Your master’s degree could increase your professional value in your homeland, or become the first step towards a career in another country.

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