Alumni Spotlight: Andrea Sandorova

Graduation: Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2013

Career: MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan School of Management, Former Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)


"What I appreciated the most about studying at UNYP was the action-oriented education that UNYP provides"


What made you choose the University of New York in Prague for your degree? 

After finishing the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in Slovakia, I was seeking a university education that would continue developing my critical thinking, provide both local and global context and welcome an international multilingual community. At UNYP, textbook learning and the development of hard skills were complemented by the extensive training and practice of soft skills, which played an important role in my decision-making. During my studies, I improved my communication and presentation skills, teamwork, and leadership skills. I was encouraged to think independently, and challenge assumptions at all times. I was a part of an amazing international community of students and faculty where we learnt from each other and from our differences, shared our experiences and built long-lasting relationships. 


How did you choose your specialization? 

I was always fascinated by the world of business and finance, and its impact on the world around us and our everyday lives. I was passionate about learning how companies are organized, how they make decisions and finance their projects, how they think strategically and act in complex interactive environments, and how those ecosystems change in response to various stimuli. When you look around, there are companies that challenge the status quo and bring ground-breaking innovations and research to life, companies that flexibly transform to keep up with the pace of our world or pioneer new change, companies that successfully recover after major turmoil, but also many companies which struggle or fail to keep up with a rapidly-progressing world. I wanted to get “under the surface” and understand the tools and concepts behind those successes, and see how to make firms better and more impactful. As such, I knew I needed to understand the depth and breadth of business and finance, and to build strong foundations through a business management and finance degree. 


Could you please introduce us briefly to your current career path? What do you love most about your work, and what are the biggest challenges you face?

I started my career as a management consultant for Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Equipped with business and finance knowledge from my studies at UNYP, I wanted to apply those learnings in real-life projects and see how world-class businesses and industries work, what challenges they face and what some of the best practices are. I became a core member of BCG’s Private Equity group and collaborated with global private equity firms on their live deals. I had amazing opportunities to pursue international projects, got to work across the whole of Europe and in the Middle East, and eventually moved to New York City. What I loved the most about my work in BCG were three things – the steep learning curve, the tangible impact of my work and the many smart, friendly and inspiring people whom I met and was surrounded by every single day. 


Currently, I am pursuing MBA studies at MIT Sloan School of Management, and am also a Visiting Student at Harvard Business School in Boston. It has been a truly enriching experience so far – learning from an accomplished faculty who are leading industry experts, researchers and practitioners, meeting smart and inspiring classmates from all around the world, having an opportunity to collaborate on impactful projects with renowned companies as part of action learning classes, and discussing current topics and global issues that shape the world. 


What advice would you give to a current or prospective UNYP Business student?

My advice would definitely be to keep learning and working hard on yourself to become your best possible version, to be unafraid to try and experience new things, to find what you are passionate about and give it your best. I borrow a line taken from the poem of Pulitzer-winning author Mary Olive and ask: “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” However, it is crucial to think about how you want to achieve those goals – I would advise you to surround yourself with great people who will be your source of motivation and support, always strive to deliver the best results, think critically, and challenge the status quo.


What did you like the most about studying at UNYP?

What I appreciated the most about studying at UNYP was the action-oriented education that UNYP provides – i.e. the balance in the development of hard and soft skills and focus on practical learnings. It gave me strong foundations on which I have been building throughout my demanding career in BCG and beyond. In any career path, it is extremely important to know how to approach a broad range of situations critically, independently and open-mindedly to achieve the best possible outcomes. And UNYP places a strong emphasis on building knowledge and practical skillset for well-rounded business leaders. 


What’s next?

Currently, I am finishing my MBA studies in Boston. My last semester is ahead of me and there are still so many opportunities that I want to take advantage of, great memories to make and learnings to take away for the rest of my life. After finishing my studies, I aspire to get more involved in the private equity sector, and direct my efforts towards building my presence and expertise in the field.



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