Announcing Alumni of the Year Award!

“In the Alumni Office we felt that there was something missing, that we needed to give back to the UNYP alumni community. Recognizing one alumnus or alumna is only a small part of giving back, but we believe it’s the right place to start,” explained Jitka Kořánková, the Head of UNYP Alumni Office.

The Alumni of the Year Award will serve as a means of rewarding one alumnus or alumna for their successes and achievements in giving back to the community, pursuing their chosen career, their service to the university or any other outstanding accomplishment. For this reason, any one person can nominate an alumnus or an alumna who has graduated from the University of New York in Prague or one of the partner university programs taught at UNYP. The nomination period is now open and will close on April 11, 2018 so go ahead and submit your nomination(s) here!

The recipient of the award will be selected by the Award committee consisting of:

  • Sotiris Foutsis, General Manager of the University of New York in Prague
  • Andreas Antonopoulos, Rector of the University of New York in Prague
  • Mark Anderson, UNYP Marketing Director
  • Jitka Kořánková, UNYP Student Affairs Director
  • Martin Pavlíček, UNYP Alumni Association Representative
  • Alexander Raiman, UNYP Alumni Association Representative
  • Aratrika Bose, UNYP Student Council Vice-President
  • Mark Andrew Brandon, UNYP Faculty Representative
  • Óscar Hidalgo-Redondo, One representative of UNYP Department Chairs

The historically first Alumni of the Year Award will be presented to the winner during UNYP’s 20th Anniversary Gala evening on May 18th. “Celebrating 20 years of the university is a great success, but apart from that it also means that we’ve seen thousands of students become alumni. Spotlighting one of them during the anniversary celebrations is most definitely an appropriate way to start yet another fantastic UNYP tradition,” commented Sotiris Foutsis, the General Manager of UNYP. 

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