Announcing TEDxUNYP 2021: the biggest event in UNYP history!

We have waited two years to make this announcement: TEDxUNYP 2020 turned into TEDxUNYP 2021, and we will be hosting an event that outdoes all previous UNYP events. The TEDxUNYP team has worked hard to bring the event to UNYP Arena, a venue with more to offer: 500 seats, a variety of supporting events, and more partners and benefits for the attendees. We sat down with Mark Anderson, the man who brought TEDx to UNYP in 2015 and is now an official TEDx Licensee, to get some more details about this year’s event. 


TEDxUNYP 2021 will be the biggest event in UNYP's history!


Mark, why is it important to have a TEDx event at UNYP? 

UNYP is one of the most prestigious private higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. We pride ourselves in giving our students a safe but challenging environment where they can work on their critical thinking. TEDx – and therefore TEDxUNYP – is an event where interesting people and leaders in their respective fields present ideas that are worth propagating. It is not just a succession of inspiring stories and accounts of personal growth: the purpose of TEDx events is to bring ideas that will tickle your brain. Your worldviews might be challenged, and that is exactly what we want. In a way, TEDxUNYP reflects the way UNYP sees education: fresh, hands-on, interactive and engaging.  


How much work lies behind organizing such events? 

A lot of work. We started modestly in the UNYP Auditorium, but we always strive for more. With TEDxUNYP 2021, we have made a quantum leap. From a capacity of 50 attendees, we are going to 500 – so everything about the event is literally ten times bigger. Not many people know that TEDx events are non-profit. We have a team of volunteers who work for TEDxUNYP in their free time, with six managers who are each responsible for their own chunk of work. My co-organizer Amit Grinvald and I work with the speakers, which means securing them for the event and rehearsing their talks. Robin Nguyen is our communication manager, and he makes sure that TEDxUNYP is as visible to the public as possible. Danai Baouraki manages our partners and supporting events. David Novák is responsible for all IT-related issues, including audiovisual, and Jirka Staroštík makes sure that the whole operation goes as smoothly as possible on the day.  


What are you the most excited for at TEDxUNYP 2021? 

This year we are blessed with an impeccable lineup of speakers, and choosing just one is extremely hard for me. We will have the owner of one of the most prestigious culinary groups in Czechia talking about what he has learned during the worldwide pandemic. We will have a talk about how virtual reality will affect the world. We will have a talk that might change the way you think about video games. And finally, my very personal pick, we will have a TikTok creator from Italy explaining his thought process while creating a TikTok video live on stage. These are just a few of the talks that are on my mind right now, but you should check for the full lineup. I go to sleep every night wondering how we have pulled this off, and I cannot wait for September 18th.  


Save the date: September 18th, 2021. TEDxUNYP will be a half-day event, and registration starts at 9 AM. For more information and speakers’ bios, please visit Tickets are still available but capacity is limited – book yours as soon as possible! Be sure to follow TEDxUNYP on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.  

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