The benefits of studying in English

Choosing a university program can be difficult enough. Choosing the language of study might not seem as important. However, studying in a foreign language can take you further than you realize. Here are our reasons why you should study in English.

English is global

Although Mandarin is a tough competitor, the English language’s reach goes far beyond its Chinese contender. The majority of people who speak Mandarin either live in China or in the United States, while English is official language of 53 countries and one in every five people speak or can understand at least a little English. With 1.5 billion people who speak the language, 375 million are native speakers. So even if you’re not speaking to someone from the UK, United States or Australia, the chances of you being able to communicate to a foreigner are high if you know English.

English enables you to be a leader

If you want to work at an international company, a university degree that shows you studied in English will be a big help. Although many Czechs learn English in school, by the time they get to their corporate positions, their bilingual skills can be a little rusty. Many Czech and international corporations already pay for their employees to learn English, so having that skill on your CV can be very attractive to employers.

English is used in conference calls, business meetings, as well as most media. If you want to know how to negotiate with clients, run effective meetings, or pitch ideas to potential buyers, mastering the language will give you a professional advantage that could put you ahead of your colleagues when it comes to promotions.

English is the language of everything

English isn’t just the language of business; it’s the language of everything. The United Nations uses English and French as its official languages. More than half of the world’s websites are written in English. Science, aviation, diplomacy and tourism all rely on English. It even dominates the media industry.

Learning English can demonstrate an intelligence that speaks volumes to employers. A university degree that shows you studied in English can give you a professional edge that can boost your career and fulfill your personal life as well.

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