Black Lives Matter Statement from UNYP’s Rector, Dr. Andreas Antonopoulos

As enshrined in the mission of the institution, the University of New York in Prague is committed to forging a community of reflective, responsible, and tolerant individuals prepared to meet the challenges of an interconnected world. 

As an educational institution composed of citizens of over 60 different countries, we acutely feel the urgency of the calls for fair treatment and equality of citizens of all nations, regardless of ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status/class. We recognize that as educators, we have a responsibility to seek truth, challenge injustice, and share knowledge, in order to foster inclusive and diverse communities, with zero tolerance for racism.

Black Lives Matter began as a local, grassroots organization to help intervene in cases of injustice and violence against members of the black community in the United States. Its influence has become global, and it has been the catalyst for deep, critical, public discussions concerning discrimination in nations far and wide. UNYP welcomes this critical introspection in the quest for a more just world.

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