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Many university graduates will tell you that they wish they had someone they could’ve turned to in their adolescence and early 20s for career advice. Maybe it was when they were in high school and started wondering about college. Maybe it was when they were already at university studying Business Administration or Marketing and thinking about their first professional job. Or maybe it was after they got their degree and were just starting to build their careers. Whatever the situation, sometimes the typical college or career counselors aren’t enough.

Not long ago, one University of New York in Prague alumnus was in the same predicament. Now based in Silicon Valley with a job at an investment fund and an impressive resume that includes stints at McKinsey in Prague and Goldman Sachs in London, this alumnus remembers the times early in his career where he needed someone he could turn to for advice. So he decided to put his experience to use and launch an anonymous blog aimed at helping teens and young professionals facing those same questions.

Whether you just started looking at colleges, are already studying Communication & Mass Media, Finance or going for your MBA, Teekay’s Blog will have a little something for everyone. Launched in January, the blog already has posts on topics like careers, personal management, and education, and our alumnus blogger says he also intends to cover other issues, such as work-life balance and anything that is relevant to his young readers.

Best of all, he wants the blog to be as succinct and useful as possible. “No need to write two pages, if the main message can be written in two paragraphs and save both your and my time,” he writes on the blog, something he says he wishes a lot of New York Times business bestsellers would do.

Now enough talking. Go to Teekay’s Blog and start reading!

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