Career opportunities with a Master of Science in International Management

If you are considering studying for a Master of Science in International Management, you probably already know that this degree will give you a competitive edge and help you to move up the career ladder quickly. A Master of Science in International Management offered by the University of New York in Prague in partnership with the University of Bolton will improve your ability to think independently and take the initiative while managing people, projects, and resources. The combination of individual and group assignments and group tasks will make you an excellent negotiator and will give you greater confidence in making decisions and leading teams. This program’s rising popularity in the Czech Republic is due partly to the fact that it is designed for an international student audience, looking into pursuing a global career. 

“One of the main competitive advantages of this program is its international character,” says Mr. Sotiris Karagiannis, Graduate Business Program Manager at UNYP. “Students who study for the M.Sc. of International Management are ambitious and looking for global career opportunities. Of course, there are opportunities for them here in the Czech Republic too! This qualification is a British graduate degree, which we offer at the University of New York in Prague.”

What can a master’s degree in International Management from UNYP do for your career? 

“The graduates of this program are generally younger than MBA students,” explains Mr. Karagiannis. “After graduating as Masters of International Management, they work in junior management positions in a variety of fields. We see that our graduates are especially likely to go into HR and Marketing, either in the companies where they previously worked or in new companies. More than 90% of our graduates find jobs – sometimes, even while they are still studying! This program is popular among students who have recently finished their undergraduate studies because, unlike an MBA program, we do not require applicants to have at least three years of work experience. However, degree seekers with prior work experience will also find this degree useful. Another significant asset of this program is our internationally diverse faculty. Our lecturers are experts in their respective fields and have solid professional experience, which means that they offer our students much more than just academic knowledge.” 

With the unstoppable growth of international business, there is an increased demand for professionals with in-depth knowledge and understanding of global markets. Read on for some insight into the professions where you could use your degree.

Junior Human Resources Manager 

HR managers often have training in all human resources disciplines and perform tasks throughout all departments. As well as helping senior HR managers with recruiting and placing workers, junior HR managers help guide employees through all necessary procedures and inform them about the company’s policies. Junior HR managers administer benefits, process payroll, and handle any associated issues or problems, while senior HR managers focus on strategic planning instead of administrative duties. Junior HR managers additionally conduct and assist with new employee orientation, keep employment records and process paperwork, and consult with employers to identify employment needs. 

Business Development Manager 

Business development managers combine strategic analysis with a profound understanding of marketing and sales techniques to ensure the company’s growth and revenue increase. They establish new partnerships and grow sales from existing accounts. Business development managers are experienced negotiators, capable of closing complex business deals. Professionals in this position define the company’s organizational strategic goals and present new business solutions. 

Financial Analyst 

Financial analysts make investment decisions for companies and individuals by assessing the performance of stocks, bonds, and other types of investments. Financial analysts communicate with all departments within the company to get a holistic understanding of the entire business and its processes. They evaluate investment opportunities for the establishment of new companies, or for existing companies to expand to new markets. 

Global Marketing Manager

Global marketing managers work with businesses to develop strategies for commerce in countries all over the world. They work with other marketing professionals to develop materials, conduct market research, and develop strategies to improve company sales in the global market. They form the company’s image and work towards global brand recognition. This job requires hands-on knowledge in the areas of international markets, foreign cultures, and overall business operations. 

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