Career opportunities for UNYP’s new Political Science major

To fully understand all political happenings in 2020, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, US elections, Trump impeachment or WHO dealing with a global pandemic, one needs to posses wide political knowledge and critical thinking. Not having these attributes might result in a dramatic decline in stability of the society. To prepare future generations for a world with rapid developments in societal and political views, UNYP has created a program, that guides students to use critical thinking while attacking societal and political topics. The Political Science degree at UNYP should provide graduates with the ability to understand our societies and it should give them the foundation to build their career in politics and public services. However, career options for this major are not narrowed only to a political career. Here are some interesting career choices for Political Science degree holders.  


Career options for Political Science major at UNYP that will surprise you 


Public Relations 

This sector is often mistakenly considered as part of the marketing department. However, Public Relations is an office of its own. Workers in PR are shaping the image of the company or organization. They maintain a professional relationship with various subjects such as journalists, public figures, and other organizations. Having deep understanding of societal and cultural customs, as well as political and organizational background, is crucial for this position. A PR specialist is responsible for keeping a good reputation of the company but also solves crises. 


Intelligence and Security agent 

We don’t necessarily claim that a degree in Political Science will turn you into James Bond, but it might give you a good foundation to seek such career. Usually, companies and especially governments have an intelligence and security departments to predict and analyze potential crises or dangerous events. These workers need to have a high level of critical thinking. A prospective area, that is highly requested by companies today, is Cybersecurity.  


Import and Export 

This area sounds like something for Business Administration major graduates, but a degree in Political Science will give you an edge for these positions. While importing and exporting goods, one gets in touch with cultures from all over the world. Having knowledge about foreign customs and understanding how foreign organizations work is an essential part for a successful business. For instance, knowing how business meetings are conducted in various countries is a predisposition to a victorious import and export manager.  


Non-governmental organizations and sector 

These organizations also known as NGOs, are usually nonprofit organizations that are not influenced by government power. Their goal and purpose are usually to help or inform. Therefore, if you seek a career, where you can help people and environment, fight poverty and starvation, joining Political Science program is a clever way to start. During your studies you can already identify NGO sectors of your interest thanks to courses such as Environmental Crisis and Global Sustainability or Power and inequality. 


Of course, there is a wide range of career opportunities one can pursue after completing this program. The most obvious being Politics and Government and Civil service and Public Administration. We believe that this program is essential for future leaders in politics. Governments need young professionals to join political parties and actively participle to bring fresh views. They should use this chance to create the world and society they want to live in. If this sounds attractive to you, listen to the introduction by Dr. Óscar Hidalgo-Redondo, the Dean of this major and you can apply for Political Science program right now.  

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