Career options with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in HR

Building a compelling and meaningful work environment is a complex process. The importance of a qualified Human Resources department cannot be overstated, especially in larger companies and institutions. This department is responsible for attracting, motivating, and retaining the most qualified talent. Among many other tasks, HR must also assess employee performance and ensure that everyone is working to their full potential. 

A career in Human Resources requires a suitable degree. UNYP’s Business Administration program offers a European Bachelor in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources, designed to provide a well-rounded, in-depth education in international business. We tailor the selection of core courses and electives to help our students develop the essential skills required to become emergent leaders in their professions. 

What can a European Bachelor in Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources do for your career? 

The field of HR requires a lot of human interaction every day, so strong communication skills are essential. At UNYP, you will have many great opportunities to work on your interpersonal and communication skills. Our courses require project-based learning and high-level group exchanges, which will help you to develop valuable soft skills such as team working, negotiation, and public speaking. A Business Administration degree with a concentration in Human Resources is a versatile qualification that allows you to explore a variety of career paths once you graduate. Read on for some insight into the professions where you could use your degree.

Human Resources Assistant

This is an entry position, but employees quite often give preference to applicants who already have a bachelor’s degree in HR management. This role is crucial to ensure the success of the department’s activities. HR Assistant tasks include handling incoming job applications,  scheduling interviews, and assisting current employees. 

Human Resources Manager 

HR managers supervise the entire HR department and work closely with all other departments. Their main duties are assigning tasks, implementing policies relating to the effective use of staff in an organization, and taking responsibility for every aspect of staffing, benefits, retention, and motivation.

Careers Advisor 

Careers advisors help people realize their ambitions, working with a range of clients from high school students to adults undergoing a career change. Careers advisors need an in-depth understanding of the current job market, and must keep up to date with labor legislation and academic developments.

Risk Manager 

Risk managers are in charge of advising businesses on any potential risks to the company’s profitability or existence. They identify and evaluate threats, create backup strategies, and decide how to avoid or reduce possible risks. The specific tasks that each risk manager carries out will depend on the industry. 

Recruitment Consultant 

Recruitment consultants match candidates to positions with client companies. As with the entire field of HR, this job requires excellent people skills in order to gain a better understanding of your clients’ needs and preferences. Recruitment consultants are active networkers who can build and nurture the relationship between a candidate and a company, acting for the benefit of both parties.

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