Career Seminar with Michael Mayher organized by the Career Office at UNYP on March 28, 2014

A half-day career seminar addressing the challenges of the current job market took place at UNYP on Friday, March 28th 2014. This seminar is for students who are launching their careers applying for their first job, but it goes further, focusing on methods and techniques that will help professionals throughout their careers. With the job market more competitive than ever, applicants learn techniques that will empower them to not only compete, but also to win. 

Michael Mayher has over 20 years of recruiting and placement experience on two continents, representing both sides of the hiring process. During his seminars he shares his expertise and demonstrates effective methods which can help students and graduates now, as well as into the future throughout their career.

The participants evaluated the seminar as a very interesting and useful event, highlighting the professional approach, practical tips, examples and experience presented by a recruiter, as well as a wide range of covered issues and areas.  Quoting some of the students who took part in the seminar: 

“All of this information helps you to present yourself as a professional and at the same time makes you ready to skip almost every obstacle…. It can help you avoid many mistakes connected to job hunting and save time in the future… it is something we are usually not taught or told about, it is not just a theory, but it is based on experience and has a practical value.” 

Thank you to all participants and we look forward to seeing you at all the upcoming events organized by the Career Office!

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