CNN Greece Interview of UNYP President, Elias Foutsis

On July 3rd, Elias Foutsis, Founder & President of New York College Educational Group gave an interview to the CNN Greece on the value of studying private university and more specifically at New York College in Athens.

Mr. Foutsis stressed the benefit of multiculturalism that New York College Educational Group delivers to its students, due in part to the Group’s physical presence of private higher education institutions in Athens, Thessaloniki, Prague and Tirana. Additionally, he discussed the role that our strategic global partnerships play in terms of diversity; the group is partnered with the State University of New York, Empire State College as well with other highly respected universities in USA, UK, Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

He touched also on the breadth of curricula, and the wide range of options students have in terms of educational systems, programs of study and levels, including bachelors, masters, MBA and PhD programs.   Faculty, administrative staff and students from all over the world have the opportunity to interact in a culturally diverse milieu and benefit from student and staff exchange programs, thus enriching their learning experience.    

Furthermore, New York College, University of New York in Prague and University of New York Tirana are primarily English language teaching institutions, thus providing students with the benefit of mastering the English language at a level that allows them to work with confidence in today’s global labor market.  Mr. Foutsis pointed out that the establishment of private universities will contribute to the overall improvement of higher education in Greece. 

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