Congratulations Class of 2016 on your Next Step

We are proud to announce that the Commencement Ceremony of 2016 will be held at the glorious Palác Žofín on Friday 24 June 2016. 

Dear class of 2016,

More than 150 of you, our most diligent graduates, will soon join the ranks of our successful Alumni. Graduation from a university is a major milestone and proof of an immense achievement you should take pride in it. It is a massive step towards great success in the years ahead. You are standing at a crossroads full of challenges and we wish that whatever path you take brings you untold joy. 

We are grateful to our graduates for participating in UNYP life and activities. As with all of our students, the time and energy you commit together with your classmates and professors to the University of New York in Prague positions us as the leading English-language higher education institution in Central Europe. 

Now you are taking the next step. Entering a new stage of your life where there will be no sleepless nights before exams, no anxiety before tests – but also without the omnipresent support of your experienced professors, mentors and classmates whose strong friendship will outlive your times at UNYP. Now you are facing the most stringent test - the life choices that you are to make. We hope that the knowledge gained at UNYP, communication skills, multi-cultural experiences, critical thinking, and confidence will help you make the right choices and provide you with the skills you need to build a successful future. 

Dear class of 2016, your years within the UNYP walls have passed, so much has been done and even more remains to be achieved.  Aside from your own zeal for success, your parents, relatives, friends, and your professors is the pledge of your graduation. Be grateful to them. We hope you have learned how to be trustworthy, open-minded, and determined because you are those who will one day teach others. Congratulations on completing your degree, we wish you good luck and prosperity in your life-time journey!

Sotiris Foutsis
General Manager of the University of New York in Prague

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