Controversial modern art in Prague

You are thinking of studying abroad in Prague. But have you ever wondered if Prague, the historic jewel, also has something more modern to offer? In the following article we reveal three places that really do have plenty of beauty and controversy – and are just a stone’s throw from UNYP campus!

1. Žižkov Television Tower

Whereas in other capitals TV towers are regarded among the most admired places, the Prague TV Tower is the Beast in all this Beauty. By no accident, it won the title ‘The world’s second most awful building‘! Since 2000, some people say it was made even more controversial when ten sculptures of crawling babies, created by David Černý, were added to its pillars. The Tower constantly divides opinion. Is it art or just simply ugly?

You can decide for yourself! The tower is just a 20-minute walk from the campus of University of New York in Prague. And from their Oblaca restaurant (oblaka stands for sky) you can clearly observe not only our new luxury apartments for exchange students – the whole city lies before you.

TIP: Oblaca, the restaurant at the top of the tower often offers discounted for breakfasts. Is there a better way to prepare for your morning lectures? 

2. The Dancing House

The name sounds so cute you doubt anything could be controversial about it, right? Believe it or not, this masterpiece of modern art provoked huge discussion throughout the 90s when it was added onto a row of truly historical, baroque, gothic and Art Nouveau buildings on the Vltava River bank. 

However, the deconstructivist allegory of the world-famous dancers Ginger & Fred soon won many awards for its architecture and has since made its way into almost every travel guide.  

TIP: If you want to go through your study notes in a posh, but cozy environment, the restaurant on the 5th floor is the perfect place to study. The amazing view is totally worth the price of a coffee!

3. The Horse

If you have seriously considered studying at UNYP, you have surely made a note to visit the famous monuments of Prague, including the statue of St. Wenceslas riding a horse on Wenceslas Square. However, there is another statue of St. Wenceslas just one station away from our campus. This time the Czech patron is riding a dead horse. Most people approach this controversial piece with humor and take funny selfies with it in the background.

The Horse is also the work of David Černý, the internationally-acknowledged enfant terrible of the Czech art world and father of such weirdos as the babies on Žižkov Tower, the turning Franz Kafka’s head in Quadrio, the “Piss” at Kafka’s Museum, the anticommunist Pink Tank or the EU wind up, Entropa. However, you never know when you’re walking to lectures and another of Černý’s works will suddenly confront you. His unexpected street provocations are famous, too!

So is Prague just for fans of history? Definitely not! The city is waiting for you to come and rock it! If you fancy studying in English and getting an American degree in Prague, check out your options here

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