Cure your FOMO - Rio Olympics are coming to Czech Republic

Rio Olympics are coming to Czech Republic

The Rio Olympics are starting in just over a week and you’re having a pretty serious case of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). 

But we come bearing good news to those who chose to study abroad at the University of New York in Prague this summer! Because if you can’t go to Rio, Rio will come to you - thanks to the Czech Olympic Committee and the region of Southern Bohemia. 

These guys have set up an entire Olympic center in Lipno, where you can take part in all kinds of Olympic activities. If you rather watch sports than play real, you can just chill by the biggest lake in Czech Republic (because that’s what Lipno is), have a glass of lemonade and watch the games live on the massive screens.

Oh and you'll have a chance to meet former Czech Olympians and Czech sportsmen coming straight from Rio too. Sounds great doesn't?

And in case you felt like Lipno was too much of a stretch from Prague, you can also go and get your Olympic experience in Plzen, Pardubice or even Ostrava, where Olympic Parks will be opened to the public. 

So if you’re looking for UNYP’s faculty members and students between the 5th and the 21st of August, we’ll be down there, cheering our national teams... Want to join us? Come!

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