The Czech Republic – the 10th safest country in the world!

You may not have thought about this before, but your personal safety should be one of the top factors to consider when looking for your Study Abroad destination. The knowledge that you are studying in a safe destination will help persuade your parents to get on board with this idea, and this sense of security will also benefit your studies and your overall academic performance. When you are planning to live and study thousands of kilometers away from home, your family deserves to be confident that you will be safe – and fortunately, the Czech Republic is a proven safe destination for international students. 

Every year, the Institute for Economics and Peace publishes its research on the Global Peace Index, and we were pleased to find out the Czech Republic made it into the world’s top ten safest countries for 2019. The Global Peace Index report looked at numerous factors considered crucial to a country's stability and security.  “Measuring peace at the global and national level allows us to assess the social, political, and economic factors that create peace. Each year the Institute for Economics and Peace produces the Global Peace Index, the world’s leading measure of national peacefulness, ranking 163 countries according to their levels of peace. A series of national peace indices have also been developed to explore the fabric of peace at the subnational level.” (The Institute for Economics and Peace)

One of the safest countries for Study Abroad students

Although it might not feel this way when we read the news, the Institute for Economics and Peace reports that the world is now a little bit safer, compared to the past three years, due to the stabilization of several ongoing conflicts. However, despite this improvement, the world is still notably less peaceful today than a decade ago, with the average level of peacefulness dropping by 3.78 percent since 2008. Some countries are more stable and peaceful than others, and most of these tend to be located in the European region. However, as in any country, including your own, you should be self-aware and take sensible precautions.

With the capital city of Prague rated as one of the safest and most beautiful cities in the world, the Czech Republic is an ideal place to study abroad, offering an excellent education in a multicultural environment. The Czech Republic is a small country with a thriving economy and many higher education institutions to choose from, and if you are not ready to study in Czech, the University of New York in Prague offers plenty of programs taught entirely in English. 

The safe communities and low crime rates in the Czech Republic helped boost the country into the top ten of the Global Peace Index list. The Czech Republic can also boast an efficient health care system – Czech hospitals are clean, the state-run insurance system is relatively inexpensive, and coverage is almost universal. 

However, safe does not mean dull! With growing international communities and a high demand for qualified professionals in various spheres, it’s easy to see why so many people choose the Czech Republic as their Study Abroad destination. Many of UNYP’s students manage to land a great job offer even before graduating, but you certainly don’t have to plan to stay in Prague upon your graduation. UNYP degrees are recognized worldwide, and will provide you with an excellent foundation for your future career, whether you wish to pursue a career in economics or psychology or found your own business“When you leave UNYP's campus, you will become leaders in your chosen fields.” (Ilias Foutsis, President of the University of New York in Prague, and the New York College Educational Group)

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