A day in the life of a UNYP student

The Spring 2021 semester has just finished, and for the first time in the history of the University of New York in Prague, the entire semester’s study had to take place virtually. Although we are proud of our staff, faculty and students, and the work they did to create a productive virtual academic environment, we know that everyone missed attending classes in person. However, the outlook for the upcoming Fall semester is promising, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back to the UNYP campus!

Do you remember your school days? If you are a new UNYP student or you are thinking of applying, we would like to remind you of a typical day at our university campus in Vinohrady. Let us introduce you to Majka, a second-year student majoring in Communication and Media.

UNYP students love spending the whole day at UNYP, where everything they need can be found on or near the campus.

It is Tuesday, and Majka has two classes today. Her first class starts at nine o’clock in the morning – a very demanding but interesting class in Visual Culture. She decides to come in early and exits the I. P. Pavlova metro station at 8:35. During her 5-minute walk to the UNYP campus, Majka stops at Mama Coffee for a cappuccino, and arrives at the classroom by 8:50. There is still a little time before class, so she reviews the homework with her classmate Robin.

At 9:50, the class takes its first 10-minute break. Majka is hungry, so she goes with some friends to the OPUS Café, conveniently located at the UNYP Campus, for a panini and an orange juice before the second hour begins.

The class finishes at 11:50, and Majka now has a 3-hour break before her second class, so she meets her friend Fiona for lunch. As the UNYP campus is located in a very hip quarter of Prague, the choices are great. Majka and Fiona decide on Mexican food, and go to a restaurant called Las Adelitas, a 5-minute walk from UNYP.

They finish lunch at 12:55, and as there is still plenty of time before afternoon class, they walk to a nearby park. Havlíčkovy Sady is one of the most beautiful parks in Prague, just a 10-minute walk from UNYP.

Majka returns to UNYP at 14:00. She has reserved a project meeting room in the library, where she meets her classmates to work on a group project. The project room is private and has a wide table and a projector, making it the ideal group study environment.

Majka’s second class, Reason and Argument, starts at 15:00. In this class, the students learn about logical fallacies, and how to create solid arguments for their papers and debates. During the second break at 16:50, Majka realizes that she does not have her homework with her – she forgot to print it the night before! She runs to the library to print it, returning just in time for the last hour.

After the class, Majka returns to the project meeting room for a meeting with the Student Council team. Majka has been a member of the SC for two semesters, and she is currently the PR Manager, responsible for managing the SC’s social media channels and communicating with the student body. Today’s agenda covers the upcoming party and panel discussion.

Majka finishes her day at UNYP with a session at the UNYP Counseling Center. She visits a counselor every Tuesday to talk about any school-related anxieties and stress that she has. She really appreciates this service, which is completely free. 

At 8 PM, Majka is done for the day, and she goes home for dinner.

This is an example of a typical day studying at UNYP, although if you have only one class that day, your schedule could be less busy. Our students love spending the whole day at the UNYP campus, as they have everything they need nearby. We encourage our students to use all the UNYP facilities and benefits that come from being a full-time UNYP student. You can enjoy free gym and pool membership, the UNYP Writing Lab and Counseling Center, and discounts to many shops and restaurants. 

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