Don’t waste time on the wrong studies

According to a recent study from the Institute for Democracy and Economic Analysis, 60% of Czech university graduates do not work in their degree field. Why does this happen? Sometimes young graduates change their minds about what interests them, but often they have problems finding work in their field. Is this scenario waiting for you? Don’t waste a second! Transfer to a university where 99% of alumni find a job immediately after graduation! 

The quality of Czech education is good in general, but there are still some fields where we lag behind Western education systems. Frontal teaching still dominates, even in the 21st century. Compared to their American counterparts, Czech students are not used to taking an active role in discussions during lectures and seminars.

They also lack opportunities to receive training in practical skills. When applying for a job their self-reported foreign language skills are often found to be lacking, but is this really surprising? Can a couple of language classes truly provide you with an in-depth knowledge of English? The experience of studying abroad, especially in a foreign language, is the key to genuine fluency – and to your dream employers, too.

Where can Czech & Slovak students find an affordable international higher education experience? The University of New York in Prague (UNYP)!

UNYP’s 125 professional lecturers from nearly 30 countries deliver all of their programs in English to students from over 60 countries. The students enjoy a vibrant international atmosphere while building their core adult education in English, and learning the vital skill of critical thinking in a second language.

Moreover, UNYP offers an American degree from the State University of New York – one of the largest American universities in the world. Last but not least, their teaching model is proven to be highly effective. According to the Czech Statistical Office, only 1% of UNYP students were unemployed after graduation! A big improvement on the Czech average of 8%, isn’t it? But why?

UNYP provides a practical education within a wide range of popular programs. Following the lead of American universities, the school also offers membership in many student leagues and clubs. Their students have a strong tradition of success in international debates and situational contests, often encountering top representatives in the fields of business, culture and politics. Throughout their period of study, UNYP students can also call on the university’s professional career consultancy, practical courses on CV building, stress management and job interview training. Last but not least, UNYP students have the opportunity to attend a month of career events culminating in a two-day Career Fair with nearly 20 top international companies such as Amazon, DHL, Unilever and Siemens.

So are you sure you are studying at the right university? It’s not too late to change! If you decide to transfer from another university, UNYP acknowledges your course work from accredited universities by accepting up to two years of relevant credits – no need to waste any more of your time on futile studies.

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